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The Surgical Clinic Amager primarily conducts: 

Examinations and treatment of gastrointestinal problems
Bowel cancer screening


  • Esophagoscopy (esophagus)
  • Gastroscopy (stomach)
  • Duodenoscopy (duodenum)
  • Colonoscopy (colon)
  • Sigmoidoscopy (rectum and lower colon)
  • Rectoscopy (rectum)
  • Anoscopy (lower rectum)
  • Tissue sampling

Surgical treatment:

Please schedule a time in the clinic by phone +45 32 54 00 54, Monday - Friday 8:00am - 14:00am.


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The clinic has full agreement with the Danish National Health Insurance (Sygesikringen), ie: 

  • Group-1 patients with a referral from general practioner are treated free of charge.
  • Group-2 patients pay a fee set by the National Health Insurance + a consultant fee.
  • The EU Health Insurance Card is accepted in emergencies only and patients pay cash following the consultation. The patient’s National Health Authority reimburses expenses
  • Patients without insurance pay cash following consultation.
    Se Price list

NB! Please note that a fee will be charged for no show or late cancellation!

  • No show or late cancellation for consultation DKK 250,-
  • No show or late cancellation for examination/surgery DKK 500,- 

For parking and traffic information: 

We are located at:

TÅRNBY SUNDHEDSCENTER Kamillevej 4-6, 2 in 2770 Kastrup

there is a big car park just outside, remember to put a parking disc on the window, 3h are free of charge.

For public transport check "DOT", several lines stop nearby 


Best Regards

German Sofin, MD, Consultant Surgeon, Specialist in General Surgery


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