Anal surgery

Anal surgery in or around the anus is usually performed to remove larger hemorrhoids, skin tags, abscesses, fistulas, or warts.

Prior to surgery

Approximately 2 hours before examination, the cleansing fluid is emptied into the rectum (In the pharmacy you can pick up the cleansing agent for free, upon representation of the requisition a few days before the examination. Alternatively the cleansing agent can be picked up at the clinic)  


Surgery is performed under local anesthesia (injection). A combination using local and sedation can be advisable in certain conditions.

After surgery

The first 2-3 days pain may occur. Use Panodil and Ipren. Possibly 2 pcs. Panodil + 2 pcs. Ipren simultaneously (may be repeated 3-4 times daily for 2-3 days). Both Panodil and Ipren are available over the counter.

The stool must be soft. Bowel movement must be without strain or effort. You can benefit from using light laxatives which are available over the counter.

Surgical wounds around the anus are cleaned using a hand shower frequently at least twice a day and after each bowel movement until the wounds have healed and are painless. There are no stitches to be removed.

Following major surgery, you may have to report in sick for 3-5 days.

You will usually be able to drive home even after surgery if sedations are not used.


Bleeding occurs. Infections are very rare.

Seek medical attention if major bleeding or signs of inflammation occurs. Contact the surgeon (during daytime) or the emergency room (evening and night).

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