Price List

Prices for patients without a referral from general practitioner (self-paying / private insurance)

All prices are shown in Danish kroner (DKK)


First consultation DKK 2.000

Following consultation DKK 1.000

Phone consultation DKK 500

Second opinion DKK 4.000

Endoscopical examinations and treatment

All prices are indicative per treatment incl. first consultation

Anoscopy (examination of anal area and the lower part of rectum) DKK 3.000

Rectoscopy (examination of anal area and rectum) DKK 3.500

Gastroscopy (examination of oesophagus, stomach and duodenum) DKK 7.000

Sigmoidoscopy (examination of rectum and the lower part of colon) DKK 7.000

Colonoscopy (examination of rectum and colon) DKK 10.000

Removal of intestinal polyps, first polyp DKK 3.000

Removal of intestinal polyps, following polyp DKK 1.500


All prices are indicative per treatment incl. first consultation and local anaesthesia

Surgery for ingrown toenail DKK 5.000

Removing a skin lesion DKK 5.000

Rubber band ligation for internal haemorrhoids DKK 6.000

Surgical drainage of an infection (abscess) around the anus DKK 7.000

Vasectomy (Male sterilisation) DKK 7.000

Surgery for short frenulum DKK 7.000

Circumcision (surgery for phimosis) DKK 11.000

Removal of haemorrhoids from DKK 11.000

Open repair of umbilical hernia DKK 14.000

Open repair of inguinal hernia DKK 17.000

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