Examination of the lower colon and rectum (Sigmoidoscopy)

The examination (sigmoidoscopy) is carried out to reveal if there are medical or surgical conditions in the lower part of the large bowel and rectum such as colitis, polyps, pouches (diverticula), strictures or cancer. The examination is conducted through the anus with an endoscope, which is a flexible, steerable instrument through which the inside of the anus and lower part of the colon can be examined. An endoscope is a flexible, finger-thick and steerable instrument. Removal of polyps, tissue sampling and photographing is possible by inserting instruments through the endoscope.

Before examination

The clinic will provide prescription for the cleansing agent to be used. In the pharmacy you can pick up the cleansing agent for free of the requisition a few days before the examination. Alternatively the cleansing agent can be picked up at the clinic. We will also provide a detailed instruction.


The day before examination a light diet is ingested (eg. white bread, soup, etc.) and with plenty of fluids.

Cleansing with "Toilax combi" (4 pills and 1 tube of cleansing fluid)
1. One day before the examination take 2 pills at 12:00 and 2 pills at 22:00
2. On the day of the examination, approximately 2 hours before the examination, insert the top of the tube into the rectum and squeeze the cleansing fluid into the rectum.


The examination is carried out lying on the left side or back. The endoscope enters the intestine. During the examination it may be necessary to change the position to facilitate insertion of the tube.

The examination lasts approx. 10 minutes.

The air that is necessary to blow into the bowel might cause patients to experience some discomfort in the stomach (pressure and tightness). In the end, the air is drawn out again.

After examination

You will get the results of the examination immediately. The result is sent to your general practicioner within 24 hours. The results of any tissue samples are available after 1 week.

You can eat and drink normally immediately after examination

Risks of examination

The overall risk of any serious complication after sigmoidoscopy is very low. Complications during examination occur mainly in relation to removal of polyps and consists of bleeding or perforation (hole in the intestine) and may result in urgent hospitalisation and operation.


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