Rubber band ligation haemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids are located in the lower rectum and consist of varicose veins and the mucous membrane that covers them. A Hemorrhoid is not a disease but a completely benign condition that is treated only if there is considerable discomfort in terms of bleeding, swelling and/or pain.

Before the treatment

The content of 1 Toilax klysma (5 ml tube, available over the counter at pharmacies) is emptied into the rectum about 1 hour prior to examination and treatment. The effect usually occurs immediately after.

The treatment

A short tube is introduced approx. 5 cm into the rectum. Through the tube, the rubber band device is inserted and is mounting a rubber band over the hemorrhoid. The rubber band is small and very tight, and shuts off the blood supply to the hemorrhoid, which "dies" and fall off together with the rubber band after 7-10 days. Since there is little sense of pain on the inside of the bowel, the treatment is carried out without anesthesia.

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After the treatment

For 24 hours there might be some discomfort in the pelvis/rectum. You can use over the counter pain kille rs if necessary (Panodil, Ipren or Aspirin).

There are no restrictions following the treatment, and you can usually go to the toilet as you normally would. Occasionally, it can happen that you feel general malaise right after the treatment. This is caused by a reaction from the nerves that belongs to the "autonomous nervous system" that regulates the circulatory, breathing and many other functions. The condition wears off quickly. If you feel uncomfortable after the procedure, obviously you must not drive home in your car before you feel comfortable again.


Complications are extremely rare. At vigorous bleeding, pain or fever, the surgeon, emergency doctor or emergency room must be contacted as soon as possible.

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